Top Tips for Setting up a Home Office

These days, the internet has made telecommuting a possibility for those who prefer to work at home, whether because of family or purely for the comfort of it. If you wish to make working at home a great experience, you have to start with setting up a great home office. Here are some tips on how to create a productive but relaxed working environment in your own home.


Setting up a Home Office

  1. Choose an area in your house where you would like to set up your office. Ideally, you would want to work in a separate room to ensure that you stay focused on your work, but if this is not an option, select a part of the house where you can grab the privacy you need, such as the bedroom.
  2. Make sure that the lighting in the area you chose will be bright enough to work with without straining your eyes. A desk lamp will also work just as well if the light source is a bit far from your desk.
  3. You should also consider the distance between your work desk and the outlets or phone lines for your computer and business phone. The closer your work area is to outlets, the less risk there would be for tripping over cables when going from one side of the room to another.
  4. Determine a layout for your home office. A U-shaped layout, for instance, would ensure that everything is within easy reach, but may not be ideal for very limited space. If your area is too small, choose an L-shaped layout, which will provide you with just the right surface space.
  5. Based on your chosen layout, pick out the office furniture that will satisfy this arrangement. Opt for tables and chairs that are not too bulky to give you ample space for moving around.
  6. Be sure to pick multi-purpose equipment to maximize your space. Get a printer that also works as a fax and a copier, and choose a filing cabinet with a wide enough surface to hold your other office items.
  7. Working in a home office doesn’t mean that you have to forgo personal touches. If constantly looking at your family’s photos help you work, then feel free to put framed photos on your desk. Just be sure to keep decorative pieces to a minimum to reduce your clutter and any distractions.


Whether you plan on working away from the office or taking on freelancing jobs, a great home office set-up will make sure that you produce quality work while staying comfortable in your own environment.