Choose Your Weapons Wisely

As part of your start-up costs, small business owners must consider the tools necessary to grow their market, product, or service. Thinking ahead, what will you need to thrive? Most businesses require three types of startup services: Marketing, data management, and accounting. Though these amenities will not necessarily guarantee your success, they will almost certainly make it easier to achieve. Not sold on your need to invest? We will convince you otherwise.


Email marketing: One of the most effective and least expensive channels, email marketing is changing the way businesses do business. Just collect emails, draft a unique template, and send valuable information to everyone on your mailing list. This is a simple way to keep your company on the minds and in the inboxes of both returning and potential customers.


File backup and management: Whether you need a place to host important leasing and invoicing documents or a shared cloud space, investing in a data management tool is a great way to keep your files together. This is also a great way to add security; most tools offer some type of two-step verification, and many offer a remote wipe option.


Accounting: If you’re in the start-up phase of building your business, you aren’t thinking about annual tax reporting. Unfortunately, taxes may be the factor that drives your business into the ground. Understanding your accounting is necessary to a thriving business. If you think you’re ready to hire an employee, ask yourself: Do you know how to file withholding tax? Do you know how to accurately calculate payroll?


Investing in an accounting service is a necessary step for all small businesses. Even if you are gracefully juggling your new responsibilities, prioritizing this piece of the puzzle may alleviate unacknowledged stress. You started a business for a reason, and that reason is not to sit in an office and do taxes—unless, of course, you offer a tax service. Find yourself a modular, buildable, and customizable software that will do the work for you.